A first image of Tiziano Giagnoni as a musician: a little boy, just four years old, holding an enormous accordion, bigger than himself, on his knees. Having discovered his natural musical ear quite by accident, Tiziano’s parents gave him his first musical instrument, and thus began his lifelong passion.

Tiziano studied music with Maestro Finisio Manfucci until the day he discovered the British band that changed his life. When he saw that none of the Beatles played an accordion, he begged his parents for a guitar until they gave in. He and his guitar were inseparable, at the dinner table, in the bathroom, anywhere and everywhere. Whilst the guitar has always been Tiziano’s primary instrument, he also plays keyboards, banjo, ukulele, lap steel guitar, percussions and, of course, the accordion.

From the age of 14 Tiziano has always played in bands and he made his first single with “Gli Esseri” in 1971. During the 1970s Tiziano began to write songs. While his first lyrics spoke of ideals and commitment, with time they focused more on love, often not reciprocated, and given that he managed to fall in love three times in a day, his songwriting flourished 🙂

In the late 1970s Tiziano won a national competition for singer-songwriters, which included a recording contract with RCA. However, given his fiery character and his youthful determination to do things his way, Tiziano broke off relations with the company at some point during the making of his single (Orologio/Rock and Roll Star). After another couple of attempts to work with recording companies, Tiziano, unwilling to compromise or modify his music to please the market, decided to abandon the music recording business.

Tiziano’s music career continued with his band, “Bananablues”, a rock/blues group which attracted dozens of excellent musicians over the years. Irene Grandi, one of Italy’s most popular female singers in recent years, began her career singing Tiziano’s songs and often performed as special guest at Banabablues concerts.

When Bananablues broke up in 1996 Tiziano stopped performing and threw himself, crossed legs and all (AUM) 🙂 into New Age music, composing and recording relaxation and meditation music. This experience led to the release of two albums: “The Sill of the Door” and “Dynamic Trance Remixes” for the Evolution Music label.

In 2002 Tiziano met Amrit, a meeting that changed his life. Not a “guru” nor an “enlightened being”, simply a “friend” who helped Tiziano find his own path. The path that led him to a different understanding of life and that can be found in some of his songs – that is to say, it’s easier to let ourselves be carried along by the currents of destiny rather than fight against them!

Tiziano began to perform again in 2003, including a music/theatre performance called “Il Grande Gioco” (The Big Game). In 2006 he and a friend started a new band, the Cool Cats, playing country and bluegrass music, performing even in Nashville (USA). He was also cofounder of “3 of Us”, a trio that performed Beatles songs in bluegrass.

Over the years Tiziano continued to write songs and in 2014 he began to record “Lungo questa strada/The Road We Wander”, a double CD with 10 songs in Italian and English, in collaboration with Anny Bremner, his partner in music and in life. The distinctive quality of the two languages, besides being a source of enjoyment for both, has a particular significance for Tiziano as a singer-songwriter. Although Tiziano was born and has lived all his life in Italy, he has always felt much closer to American and British music than to Italian songs. This has much more to do with the actual language than with the content. In this he is not alone, as many Italian musicians agree that English is a more musical language. However, Tiziano, of course, writes in Italian and it is only now, with Anny’s invaluable help, that he has been able to realize his dream of singing his own songs in English. What started off as a songwriting experiment proved to be so successful that Tiziano and Anny decided to produce the album in both languages. This in itself makes the CD particularly interesting.

In true singer-songwriter style, Tiziano gives the best of himself on this album. Though his music cannot be defined by any one genre, there are elements of country, pop and other intuitions from his many years of musical experience.

Some of Tiziano’s longtime friends played on the album: Marco Caudai and Alessandro Baldi on bass, Caterina Ruzzante and Alessandro Golini on the violin, Stefano Zabeo on the 12-string Rickenbacker and Yuna Canti on some of the backing vocals. All the rest is played, recorded and mixed by Tiziano. The album was more than a year in the making and Tiziano and Anny are now very happy to make these songs available both on CD and online.

“It is of Love that this album speaks. Indeed, we might equally have called it “Ten Love Songs” because that is what they are. Love in its many forms, which is at the same time one: love for our selves and for each other, for the divine and for life, for this road – this road of joys and heartbreaks, this road so gentle and smooth and then so rocky and steep, that we wander or rush along, not knowing where it will take us, or rather knowingly not knowing, for although there are no road signs or maps to guide us we all reach the same inevitable and fantastic destination. Yet the road, for each one of us, is unique and wonderful. These songs speak of that road, they speak of us, they speak to us. We’re sure they will speak to you too.”